The Places You Love Contest

This contest is all about the places YOU love. 

Those wild places that make you feel connected to everything. Places that feel free and alive. Places that bring you home to yourself.

To celebrate and honour the importance of these places in our lives, I invite you to enter (as many) photos that capture the beauty and power of this special place (or places!) of yours. From these, a selection will be painted for the next collection release.

The winners receive first dibs on the purchase of the artwork, a 10%-off gift card AND a lovely bonus gift mailed directly to you.


How to enter:

1. Tag or share this contest post with one other person.

2. Email, DM or post your photos in the comments! They don’t need to be high resolution, but they should be clear and bright. Please include the location, as I will use it in the title.

3.The photos must be your property. By entering the contest, you declare that the photos are yours/taken by you (otherwise I could be in infringement of copyright!).


I can't wait to see your entries!