Let's Work Together!

I'd love to welcome you to the growing family of folks who have a bespoke artwork created just for them! That perfect wall space deserves a unique artwork that celebrates that special place in your life. I love working with people crafting a stunning plan for a painting that will be part of their family forever.

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Do you have a photo of that special spot already? Perfect! We will use that as the starting point to develop a strong composition. Have an idea in mind but not quite sure? Not a problem. In both cases, I will be in touch regularly with updated composition and layout designs until we get the perfect fit. Feedback from you is important at this stage. You can expect to hear from me regularly at this stage, refining the plan until you are 100% happy with the final design.

Once you have given the final go ahead, it is time to paint! At this point I request a 50% pre-payment. This confirms your commission in my painting calendar. At this point, no further changes are possible. You can expect to hear from me about once a month and view process shots posted to social media.


I use a format called linear pricing. You will easily be able to determine a size appropriate for your budget!

Here's how it works: simply ADD the width to the height in centimetres and multiply by my current rate of €6.50.

Example: A painting with a width of 100cm and a height of 70cm is calculated as follows: 100 + 70 = 170. 170 x €6.50 = €1105

As mentioned, a 50% pre-payment is due once the composition is finalised, right before painting begins. The other 50% and the shipping are due upon completion of the artwork.

Want to discuss payment plans? We can do that!


From the point that you reach out to me until delivery of the finished artwork currently takes 6 - 8 months. Oil paintings take about a 4 -6 weeks to dry enough to be varnished and shipped safely.


I will communicate the type of shipping available for your painting, either tubed or flat box shipping:

Tubed shipping: Your painting will be safely removed from the stretcher bar, the stretcher bar dismantled, and the painting rolled with craft paper and stowed in a study tube. The tube and stretcher bars together make up the package, packed with cushioning and strong cardboard surround. Upon arrival, you can take the painting to your local frame shop and they can easily re-stretch it for you, or you can also do it yourself. Learn more here. This is the preferred method for shipping larger works of art. 

Boxed shipping:Your painting will be wrapped in craft paper, then packing paper. It will be wrapped again in corrugated cushioning cardboard. Finally, the painting is boxed with crumpled packing paper and a sturdy outer cardboard box.

As of end of 2023, shipping works under 80 x 80 cm are generally around €55. Works over this size are around €85. I am happy to provide you an exact quote for the size you are interested in. Shipping includes insurance and you will be provided with a tracking number, and depending on the time of year, usually takes 10 - 12 business days outside of France.

The buyer is responsible for any customs fees incurred. Please contact your local customs website to calculate these amounts.

Because great care and time are given during the planning stages, and due to the fact that your painting is bespoke and unique for you, refunds are not possible. But not to worry! Don't hesitate to reach out with ideas and questions during the planning stages to ensure I have all of the information I need to fully capture your idea. I love working together, and I think you will, too.


"Sara created this stunning landscape as a commission for my husband's birthday. What we love most is how it interacts with and is transformed by the light in our space at different times of the day. It's ethereal quality at dusk is mesmerising" - Nancy

"Sara took the time to get to know us as people, and to understand the motivations behind the commission, resulting in a work that speaks to us with genuine meaning. This painting brings us joy every day and defines the space we live in" - Josh

"You can feel the love Sara has put into each brush stroke. Her choice of colours and the way she captures our Canadian Rockies is right on point. Thank you so much for sending this painting all the way from Switzerland to it's new home in our clinic." -Kari

Have an idea? I'm all ears.